GGG-Con 2018: Guests, Americans & Silliness

Last week I didn’t post anything at all, but with good reason. Chammy and I were busy entertaining several guests from our Gaming Guide to the Galaxy (GGG) Discord community (Feel free to drop into the Discord and say hi!).

We had the lovely Emily over all the way from Richmond Virginia, Romeo up from somewhere down south and Zugg over from Cardiff. We had more visitors over the weekend too. A busy week, but lots of fun! Here’s a bit of what we got up to.

Showing Emily the Great British Countryside

Emily standing on the edge of Surprise View looking out over Hope Valley

We grabbed Emily swiftly from the airport, with Romeo arriving the following morning. Then we embarked on a quest to cram in as much shameless Britishness as possible. Cue a trip to Castleton for Peveril Castle, a dive down the Devil’s Arse (That’s an actual cave system – I’m not making it up!) and a stop at Surprise View for the lovely views over Derbyshire.

Photos galore!

A Visit to Bolsover Castle

We had another day out to Bolsover Castle, which seemed to quickly become Emily’s new favourite place. Can’t blame her, it’s bloody lush. We had a picnic in the meadow, toured the castle grounds, let the small one play around it the kid’s event’s they had on and purchased a healthy amount of mead before heading home.

Here are some photos for your enjoyment and all that.

Seaside Adventuring in Scarborough

It wouldn’t be a trip to the UK without a proper trip to the seaside. Real fish and chips, paddling in freezing cold sea water and enjoying the sunshine along the coast in an open-topped bus, followed a trip to the sea life centre. I give the sea life place my seal of approval… I reserve the right to dad joke whenever I deem it necessary.

Oh, we also introduced Emily to the fruitless pursuit of wasting two pence pieces in them silly sliding gambling machines, wasting money trying to win pointless soft toys and complaining about seagulls.

More photos. Huzzah!

A Proper Night Out

There’s a totally vegan barcade (A bar with an arcade and restaurant inside) a short jaunt from our house. It’s called Church and is run by one of Emily’s musical heroes, Olli Sykes, of Bring Me the Horizon fame. We ate great food – thanks to the culinary wonder that is Make No Bones, drank of the beer and Emily even met her hero.

Awwww – so sweet!

Emily meeting Olli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon

Tattoos for the Occasion

On Thursday Zugg joined us from lovely Wales for a long weekend and for absolutely no reason at all, we decided to all get a tattoo together. That’s Chammy, Zugg, Romeo, Emily and I all being tattooed one after the other. It took all day but gave us a chance to chat, relax and enjoy the blistering heat.

We all got something different. Thanks to Sam at Holy Ghost for putting up with us for the day. We’re all really pleased with the results!

Clockwise from the top left corner, the tattoos belong to Emily, myself, Romeo, Zugg and Chammy.

Collage of the tattoos we all had during the visit.

A Barbecue in British Weather

On Saturday we had the wonderful Mr Togatsu, Woody and Itzy join us (All members of GGG) for an afternoon of good food and drinks. Surprisingly we weren’t rained into oblivion and enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon. The kids even played in the paddling pool!

This was the first time many of us had met in person. Making it frustrating, to say the least, that like an idiot I completely forgot to take a group photo. All the more reason to do it again as soon as possible though right?

To finish then, here are a few more photos from the week from the Tropical Butterfly House and Sheffield Cathedral.

A Solemn End to a Fantastic Week

As they say, all good things must come to an end. On Monday morning Romeo gave me a bear hug and set off back down to the south of England, where he has since set up a successful ferret walking business and married a falafel.

I had the unenviable task of driving Emily back to the airport, where she boarded her return flight to the States. She has now adopted a further seventy-three cats, bringing the total to a nice round eighty. She enjoyed her tattoo so much she has now had a full back piece done. Of my face.

The Zugg took a coach back to Cardiff on Tuesday. Like me, he’s preparing to go back to education in September. He intends to celebrate his return with a ten-day Twitch stream, which will undoubtedly send him mad. He intends to name his next pet after my wife, though I think Twatface is a stupid name.

It was a real pleasure hosting these great people and having returned to the monotony of normal life, I can’t wait for next time!

For a rundown of Virtual wombat’s new direction and where I am in life, take a look at my last weekly update here.

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