Elgato Cam Link 4K Freezing Fix

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Some time ago I obtained an Elgato Cam Link 4k and it’s a wonderful piece of hardware. It’s what I use so I can record high-quality video directly into my computer using OBS and it’s also what I use as my camera when I’m streaming. However, it has not been without issues and one of these is that when I first got the Cam Link it would consistently freeze, so here is my Elgato Cam Link 4K freezing fix.

It didn’t seem to matter which application I was using it in, but specifically in OBS, it could be a few minutes or a few seconds sometimes that the cam link was running and suddenly it would start freezing. Needless to say, this problem was driving me insane and eventually what actually fixed it for me wasn’t in any YouTube video I’ve seen and it didn’t seem to be a piece of information that was freely available or easily searchable on the internet. This is why I decided to make a video and this blog post, just in case there’s anybody else out there who this is driving completely mad!

You can watch the video here, if you wish, or continue reading for a step by step written explanation.

You may have already done research on this and like me, you may have already found certain videos that suggest making sure you plug the Cam Link directly into a proper USB3 port. You may have seen videos that suggest that you make sure that there is nothing else using the specific USB bus that you have plugged the Cam Link dongle into. Or, that you make sure that it’s not sharing the same USB bus as any other hardware, certainly other hardware that requires any sort of high bandwidth. It might have been suggested to use it in a powered USB hub to make sure that it’s getting the amount of power that it needs. You might even go deep into the USB settings of your Windows computer and make sure that it’s not suspending the USB device.

Now, if you’ve tried all of those things and you’re still having this problem I am hopefully going to show you a way to sort it out. This is what worked for me but I can’t promise it will work for everybody.

Elgato Cam Link 4k

Fixing the Elgato Cam Link 4K Freezing Problem

Firstly, what we are going to do is go to elgato.com. Here you can select a number of different devices, you’ve probably been here before if you use any other Elgato hardware.

Select Cam Link 4k and your operating system, I use Windows but there is also Mac software. I personally don’t have a Mac so I can’t verify this as a solution.

You will find that there is the 4k Capture Utility for Windows. The Cam Link works using a standard webcam driver that’s built into Windows so there is no need for you to have ever downloaded this software. The device is plug-and-play so you probably just plugged it into your camera via HDMI and thought you’d be off and away. For a lot of people, it probably does just work this way but there’s a little hidden option within the 4k Capture Utility that I’m going to show you now.

So, you download this and install it on your computer, as you would with anything else. In the top right corner of the software, you’ve got a preferences section. This area gives you all the information about your device such as input settings and FPS.

Elgato Utility Capture Preferences

Under the Device tab, you will notice that there’s no option to update the firmware for the device and this is where this tip comes in handy.

Elgato Utility Capture Preferences

You need to close the preferences dialogue, then hold the control key on your keyboard and click the open preferences dialogue again. You will see that the firmware version for your device is now listed and there is the option to update the firmware. Click “Update Firmware” and wait for the process to complete.

Elgato Utility Capture Shift click Preferences

When I originally did the firmware update for my Cam Link, it took several minutes to go through the process and then told me that it had failed. However, when I closed the application and went through the same process again, the firmware version had actually changed and when I tried to update the firmware again it told me that the Cam Link 4k was already on the most recent version of the firmware.

This is what worked for me, however, as with so many of these sorts of things I can’t make any promises that it’ll work for you. It is worth trying though. In the end, having found the option and updated the firmware, all of the problems that I had with freezing on the *Elgato Cam Link 4k completely disappeared and I hope they will for you too.

If I have helped you, I’d love you to comment below or if you’ve got any other tips and tricks to work with the Cam Link 4k let people know by putting them in the comments. You never know who you might help!

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