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My Five Favourite Video Games

This post contains affiliate links which are marked with a *, this means if you buy something using that link I earn a small commission which helps keep Virtual Wombat running.

Twitch streaming got me thinking about what my five favourite games would be. There’s a lot to choose from, I’ve owned just about every console since the early nineties. Then there’s the PC. After another few hours of torture trying to whittle the list down here’s what I came up with. I must really like RPGs!

Five Favourite Games – Knights of the Old Republic

As a completely shameless Star Wars nerd, I’ve played just about every game that the franchise ever churned out. There have been some exquisite highs such as the Dark Forces series and Rogue Squadron games. Then there are the games no one like to talk about. I’m looking at you Force Unleashed 2.

KOTOR took the Star Wars universe in a new direction. It put several iconic planets from the saga at your fingertips in the style of a classic Bioware RPG. Then it gave you the power to choose how to handle the fate of the galaxy.

Would you be a thoughtful, calm and reasonable Jedi master? Or maybe a ferocious, evil and violent Sith lord? Perhaps you’d find a delicate balance between the two? You can still get it on Steam and *even mobile platforms. It’s aged very well!

Five Favourite Games – The Witcher 3


This is the most recently released game on my list and for good reason. I feel the latest generation of games feel stagnant, not much seems to have moved forward since the days of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The Witcher 3 in my humble opinion, changed that. It took the open-world genre to a new level. Gone were the pointless filler objectives sparsely dotted across the map.

Instead, Witcher 3 presents a world where every corner feels lived in, every point of interest has a story to tell. The writing and acting are peerless while the graphics and art direction are nothing short of gorgeous.

If you’re into dark fantasy and you haven’t played this game yet, do yourself a favour and pick it up. *You can get it for most modern platforms and the two previous games in the series are well worth your time too.

Five Favourite Games – Final Fantasy X


While most final fantasy lovers seem to list the seventh entry as their number one, I take a different view. Final Fantasy X was the first fully 3D game in the series and the one I remember most clearly and fondly.

While it’s had its share of criticism for the linear nature of its first thirty hours or so, I found the story compelling enough to overcome that. The world felt like it could actually exist. I found myself empathising with it’s tired and desperate inhabitants.

The characters are the star of the show for me, however. The intrepid Auron and his mysterious background. Yuna, the beautiful and sensitive summoner who is trying to live up to her father’s legacy.

The game has been lovingly remastered for modern PC and *PlayStation platforms. The story moves me every time I play it. It’s well worth picking up.

Five Favourite Games – Banjo Kazooie


This might seem like a bit of an odd pick, but Banjo Kazooie was a personal favourite from the N64 days. With collectables everywhere and self-contained levels to explore, it’s a platformer very much in the spirit of the era.

Banjo and Kazooie were the perfect comedy duo for a kid of ten or eleven years old. The bear and bird meet all sorts of fantastic and bizarre characters in their quest to defeat Gruntilda. The evil witch who stole Banjo’s sister.

It’s certainly absurd. But as a game to play with your kids I don’t think it gets much better. Eban and I have had a ball playing through the game together, taking turns with the controller. I also recently streamed a playthrough on Twitch, which was surprisingly fast and loads of fun!

Original N64 copies of this game and the sequel are expensive and hard to find. Thankfully the developers have preserved it in their Rare Replay collection, *available on Xbox One.

Five Favourite Games – Lost Odyssey


Finally, we have a criminally underrated game from the Xbox 360 that I personally adore. Conceived by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, Lost Odyssey is a JRPG in the style of that series.

The soundtrack composed by Nubuo Uematsu is stunning. The carefully crafted world is both believable and beautiful. Kaim is a protagonist with a deep and engaging story to tell too. I can’t put enough praise into words for this game.

The plot revolves around a group of immortals trapped in a mortal world. How they arrived is a mystery. Why do they have to endure the pain of seeing generations of loved ones die? Can they break the cycle?

Xbox 360 was the only platform ever to give a home to this gem of a game. The Xbox One backward compatibility program has thankfully rescued this game from disappearing into history. *If you can find a copy I wholeheartedly recommend it.

What’s your favourite game?

If you have a game that stands above all others as your personal favourite, I’d love to hear why in the comments. I’ll also be looking out for any I haven’t played to give them a go! You can read all about my wife’s picks here too.


  1. I used to like Crashbandicoot on PS1! Of course, the graphics are nothing compared to some of the stunning new titles you’ve noted, but the classic fun and nostalgia cannot be beaten 🙂

  2. I was a huge Crash Bandicoot fan too. They did a Crash Bandicoot team racer which was a driving game that I loved. I was never all that good at computer games but enjoy them anyway! I don’t think I’ve grown up much because more recently I like playing the Lego games! 🙂

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