Fast RMX Review for Nintendo Switch

While the new Zelda is a masterpiece, I’ve been enjoying another game of a completely different kind between sessions in Hyrule. Here’s a Fast RMX review, a surprisingly brilliant little game on the Nintendo Switch e-shop. Every console launch needs a shiny racing game and Fast RMX fills that role nicely!

Fast RMX Review – The Ghost of F-Zero


In 2015 Fast Racing Neo released to critical acclaim exclusively on the Nintendo Wii-U. Clearly, inspiration had been taken from the futuristic racing greats. There were clear nods to WipEout and F-Zero. Blistering speeds, varied race tracks and a good selection of streamlined anti-gravity vehicles. Unfortunately, the experience was hampered by the Wii-U’s ageing hardware.

Fast forward two years and the developers at Shin’en have found a new home for their game. This isn’t just a simple re-release though. It’s a ground-up rebuild of the game, with glorious graphical upgrades across the board. This release also includes all of the DLC from the original, making it a substantial offering for its slim £17 price tag.

If you’re a fan of games such as F-Zero GX you’ll find a lot to love here. There’s an incredible sense of speed, well thought out controls and boost mechanics. There are unique ideas here too, such as the ability to swap the electrical charge of your vehicle (represented by blue and orange colouring) to make the most of boost pads on the tracks.

Fast RMX Review – A Graphical Powerhouse


The original on Wii-U had to make sacrifices because of the hardware. On Switch there’s plentiful power to really let the visuals sing. You’ll get a full native 720p experience on the switch when in portable mode. While docked, the game can scale up to 1080p. It’s a clear upgrade over the Wii-U edition in this department.

In addition, the frame rate holds to a near solid 60FPS. The action is fluid and silky smooth at all times, which is exactly what you want from a fast-paced racing game. All this is delivered while showcasing some genuinely gorgeous locations. The tracks are many and varied, with convincing weather and atmospheric effects present too.

I’ve no hesitation in saying this is the most stunning portable racing game ever released. Fast RMX is a great showcase for what the Nintendo Switch is capable of too!

Fast RMX Review – Tonnes of Content


All of the additional content from Fast Racing Neo is included here as standard. You’re presented with a tantalisingly broad selection of tracks that become available as you progress. The vehicles themselves are numerous and also unlocked by progressing through the career mode. There are three difficulties on offer, adding plenty of replay value or further challenge for racing aficionados.

Beyond the career, you’ll find plenty of options for local multiplayer too. This is another win for the unique capabilities of the Switch. In table-top mode or when docked at the TV, you can hand a Joy-Con to a friend and enjoy a quick competitive game. I’m glad to see this sort of split-screen gaming make a come back. It’s been sorely underloved by too many platforms for long enough.

The value proposition here is strong. I highly recommend Fast RMX, it packs a remarkable amount of stuff when you consider it’s price. All packed into a tight little e-shop download of just over 800MB!

If you’re interested in the Nintendo Switch, you can read my full review of the console here.

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