The Elder Scrolls Series in Memes

I wrote a post just recently about my favourite games. Imagine my horror at realising I’d completely missed Morrowind. So I’ve compiled some Elder Scrolls memes that describe my love for the series. Join me on my tour of the quirks and oddities that make The Elder Scrolls so fantastic. Hands off my sweet rolls.

Elder Scrolls Memes – Bugs and Glitches

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The elder scrolls games are notoriously rough around the edges at times. I suppose it’s sort of to be expected when you consider the scale and complexity of the worlds.

I can’t think of any other games that allow you to pick up every object from the environment. Besides, some of the bugs are downright hilarious.

Meme featuring a Nord Blacksmith

My hammer didn’t spawn, I’ll just use my fists instead then.


Mammoths aren’t just furry elephants, they can fly too! Mammoths aren’t just furry elephants, they can fly too!

A Skyrim horse defying gravity

What would an Elder Scrolls game be without a complete disregard for physics?

Elder Scrolls Memes – Flora and Fauna

Tamriel is chock full of weird and wonderful creatures to beat into pulp with a club.

Morrowind Cliff Racers Meme

We all love cliff racers and their tendency to chase our heroes from one end of the map to the other…


Giants love nothing more than making some mammoth cheese and then whacking adventurers into orbit.

Giant Mouth with Legs

Kagouti monsters serve no purpose other than to eat you.

Elder Scrolls Memes – Modding for Longevity

The best thing about an Elder Scrolls Game is knowing you will never, ever finish it. You’ll get through most of the content, then mods will take over your life and you’ll spend more time adding mods than actually playing.

Perhaps Bethesda should just start releasing games about modding?

The possibilities for modding are endless

Want to be a giant Dwemer penguin with slaves? You got it.

One does not simply finish an elder Scrolls game

You will also never find a cure for the addiction to mods.

Elder Scrolls Memes – The Guards are Bastards

I saved the world and everyone in it, including you Mr. Fancypants Guard. The least you could do is give me a break when I accidentally pick up an apple.

P.S. We don’t care what happened to your flipping knee.

I used to be an arrow, but then I took an adventurer to the knee

I see what you did there, very clever.

Accidental Elder Scrolls Theft

I didn’t even want the bloody apple, have it back!

Grumpy Ordinators have no gratitude.

Typical Ordinator. He’s too busy being a grump to give you any gratitude.

Elder Scrolls Memes – Programmed to Troll You

Leveled looting is heaps of fun, first, you pick a master lock, then you’re rewarded with a vegetable! That AI too. If I was a bandit I’m pretty sure I’d lay off the dragon slayer.

23 broken lockpicks for 2 gold and a potato

Leveled looting, making sure you never have too few potatoes.

Bandits will try to mug you even if you're the most powerful thing alive.

Can we please just give the saviour of the world a break, is that really too much to ask?

Despite the Madness, I Love this Series

Yes, it’s got bugs and frustrating AI. But there will never be another game that quite matches the wonder I felt exploring Vvardenfell for the first time. The Elder Scrolls series has a magic all of its own.

Finally, if you’ve yet to get your Nord on, there’s a lovely new re-mastered version of Skyrim you can try on PC and consoles, you can find it on Amazon. Join me, let us mount our trusty dragons and explore this world of wonders!

Together we will internet!

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