Amnesia: Rebirth – All Three Endings And How To Get Them

Amnesia: Rebirth is the latest in the Amnesia series and it has three distinct endings. This post is for anybody who’s played it before and might have missed an ending or if you’re just curious to see how the game ends.

I’ve played all three endings and compiled them together here in a nice easy video so you can see them all back to back or you can skip to the ending that you haven’t seen.

All Three Endings

If you haven’t seen any of the endings and want to watch them back to back then the video below will allow you to do that. Warning – these videos contain spoilers!

Below are the endings separated for you to skip to the part of the video you need as well as a brief explanation of what you need to do – if you’d prefer not to watch the video.

Ending One: Destroy the Other World

This was my first ending and I’ll be honest, this was done by accident. I had intended to leave baby Amari but didn’t realise that I had to place her in the crib and left the room.

Instead of activating the portal to escape with her, you need to disable the machinery in each of the three rooms that are carrying Vitae.

Ending Two: Leave Baby Amari

To trigger this ending you simply place baby Amari in the crib and leave.

This is the quickest of the endings and certainly pulls on your heartstrings, especially as a parent.

Ending Three: Escape with Baby Amari

For this ending, you need to grab a canister from the pillar as you leave the room holding baby Amari. Then make a run for the portal room, avoiding being seen as much as possible.

My Thoughts About Amnesia: Rebirth

I thought this was a really enjoyable game and very different to the previous two. It feels much more modern than earlier games and certainly had me on my toes for a good portion of it.

There is technically a “fourth bad ending” which triggers if you go for ending one or three but don’t avoid the Queen’s gaze while running through the main room. You’ll be corrupted if seen too many times and forced to return Amari to her crib. This plays out exactly like ending two, but you have no choice in the matter!

There is no need to have played any of the other Amnesia games to be able to play Rebirth and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to give it a try.

Let me know which ending you chose or your thoughts down in the comments.

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