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Ad-Free Gaming in Your Browser

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When it comes to online gaming you immediately think of the big names such as Stadia or Xbox’s Project xCloud, both of which deliver gaming experiences from wherever you are. But, what if you’re looking for that quick gaming fix, that cheeky puzzle while you’re on your break at work, or something to just take your mind off of a stressful day?

Online, browser-based gaming has been around for almost as long as the internet has existed. There are 1000’s of fun, free to play games, available on sites such as Plays.org (which I wholeheartedly recommend as they are ad-free and a passion project by a fellow gamer) where you can spend hours getting lost in some very familiar games.

Let Them Eat Cheese

A personal favourite of mine is Pac-Rat which is a Pac-Man inspired game where you play a rat who is collecting wedges of cheese while trying to avoid the three cats chasing you. However, if you get the largest piece of cheese you become green and hungry for cats, consuming them turns them into ghosts and they have to return to their starting block.

Many of these games are available on Mobile too, which means you can literally game anywhere – even on the loo (which is a common habit of mine – gotta put them cubic poops somewhere!).

Ad-Free Gaming

You won’t find in-depth games such as The Witcher 3 or Amnesia: Rebirth on these websites but it does open you up to more casual games. These kinds of quick, short games often come with a price many of us aren’t willing to pay in the form of intrusive ads, whether in your browser or from a mobile app store. This is the great thing about Plays.org, no ads, everything just works and as a project built as a hobby by a fellow gamer, you never get the impression that they’re out to grab your data or make a quick buck by advertising you to the edge of insanity. Read more about the team here.

Almost Retro

Being at an age where I have been gaming for coming up to 30-ish years, many of these games now have an almost retro feel to them which is something I love. Yes, modern graphics look wonderful and can fully immerse you into a game but sometimes I have the itch just to play something that looks and feels like a video game from my childhood. Browser-based games are an easy way for me to do this, the other option is going down the expensive route of acquiring older consoles with their games – I just don’t have the time for that.

Give Browser Games a Go!

At the end of the day, everyone should take some time to include a bit of gaming in their lives. They provide a way to relieve stress, a great way to socialise with friends and allow you get away from the world…even if it is just a couple of lines on Tetris while you visit the loo.

What’s your favourite browser game to get lost in?

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