The Wombat Star Trek Guide Part Two

In part one of the Star Trek guide, we covered everything preceding Deep Space Nine. I included all the movies prior to the reboot in there too except Nemesis, as they were all based on the first two crews. So without further ado, let’s dive into part two and conclude our journey through Trekkie History.

Star Trek Guide – Deep Space Nine

Deep Space 9 Crew Photo

Deep Space Nine shed the creature of the week format for a more drama focused premise. All of the seven seasons were cohesively held together with a broad story arch. It’s sublime.

Some of the regulars from NextGen return to reprise their roles along with a new cast of characters. Avery Brooks takes the reins as Benjamin Sisko. Other main characters include Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax, Doctor Bashir, Quark, and Odo.

Rather than being set on a starship, Deep Space Nine takes place almost exclusively on an abandoned Cardassian space station that’s been positioned near a wormhole. The bizarre visitors to and from the unexplored space beyond and the politics surrounding it are the main focus of the story.

You’ll really enjoy Deep Space Nine if you like a good drama. It’s that simple.

Star Trek Guide – Voyager

Voyager Crew Photo

Controversially I’d say Voyager is my personal favourite. I think it has a lot to do with my age when Voyager was being broadcast. I was just old enough for my fascination with science to be properly stimulated.

While Deep Space Nine was telling stories of possible invaders from a far away quadrant of the galaxy, Voyager did the opposite. The ship and its crew found themselves dragged to the unexplored Delta quadrant and stranded.

Kate Mulgrew (who is also brilliant in Orange is the New Black) stepped up as Star Treks first proper female lead. As Captain Janeway, she leads the starship Voyager on a seven-season quest to find a way home.

She is joined by Commander Chakotay, Tom Paris, Tuvok, Harry Kim and many more in what I’d say is Star Trek’s widest core cast. There’s a lot of characters to love here!

The Final Star Trek Film (From Before the Reboot)

At this point, I recommend you watch Star Trek Nemesis. I rather enjoyed it although the critical reception wasn’t great, it’s a nice send off for the Next Gen crew.

There are some small mentions of the Voyager storyline, which is why I said in part one not to watch it until now!

Star Trek Guide – Enterprise


Enterprise took an about turn and rather than push the timeline forward it’s set before the original series. In Enterprise, humanity is a fledgling interstellar civilisation and the federation doesn’t exist yet.

You’ll follow the story of Captain Archer and his crew as they launch into the unknown aboard Star Fleet’s first truly deep spacecraft. This Enterprise is far less advanced than what you’ll be used to seeing up to now.

The warp drive is far less powerful and the ship is slow by Star Trek standards. The crew is wary of their new transporter technology. There are no photon torpedoes or phasers.

It’s a very different look at an earlier period in the Star Trek timeline. It wasn’t a hit unfortunately and only made it to four seasons before being canned. It’s a shame really as seasons three and four really upped the ante.

Star Trek Guide – The Big Screen Reboot

There have been three movies from the reboot series so far, all of which have been very well received. Star Trek, Into Darkness and Beyond, are all great in their own way. I only wish Into Darkness hadn’t relied so heavily on retelling an old story (you’ll see what I mean).

All three movies are set in an alternate timeline to the TV events, which is established right at the beginning of the first film. The new cast does an admirable job of filling the original’s shoes.

Star Trek Discovery

Discovery is now available on Netflix, along with all the series we’ve explored in this guide. The second season is due in 2019 and I’m looking forward to it after what I saw in the first!

If you missed part one of the guide, check it out here.

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