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Here’s a little Tuesday comic treat all about poop! Yes, you read that right… Poop! Virtual Wombat’s having some problems after an unexpected bathroom blunder. As a side note, understanding this cartoon requires you to know that wombats poop cubes. Little tiny cubes of crap…

Virtual wombat finds his cubic poops have built a small castle in the toilet bowl

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Virtual Wombat

Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a full time working dad and a student studying Physics in Sheffield. This blog is an account of my adventures as a busy, working mature student.

6 Responses

  1. PKaurK says:

    Love the cartoon, but I’m glad you mentioned wombats poop cubes otherwise I wouldn’t have understood! 😀

  2. Tony says:

    I need to hire one of those! Structural masterpiece.

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