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Make it happen written on a book 4

Weekly Blog 4: Spousal University

Hey all! Hope you had a nice bank holiday weekend and a bit of a chill. In the wombat household, this came after a pretty stressful week as my wife dealt with Sheffield Hallam University. Pull up a chair and grab a cuppa, here’s how...

Building Blocks Comic featured Image 6

The Building Blocks Comic Strip

Here’s a little Tuesday comic treat all about poop! Yes, you read that right… Poop! Virtual Wombat’s having some problems after an unexpected bathroom blunder. As a side note, understanding this cartoon requires you to know that wombats poop cubes. Little tiny cubes of crap…

Emily standing on the edge of Surprise View looking out over Hope Valley 2

GGG-Con 2018: Guests, Americans & Silliness

Last week I didn’t post anything at all, but with good reason. Chammy and I were busy entertaining several guests from our Gaming Guide to the Galaxy (GGG) Discord community (Feel free to drop into the Discord and say hi!).