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A ridiculous picture of me pouting. Oh and there's a cartoon wombat giving me a cuddle. Whatever tickles your fancy, right?

Hi. I’m Aaron and I draw the idiocy that is the Virtual Wombat webcomic.

I first became interested in comic art a few years ago. I’ve always been creative, but to be fair as I’ve got older the amount of time I spend drawing has decreased considerably. Like so many, I spend too much time adulting to actually get much relaxation time!

Anyhoo, I made a promise to myself to spend more time being creative and the cartoons and comics on this website are the result of that. You see, I’m also an engineer in the telecoms industry and at university studying a physics degree. I try and post here regularly when I’m not super busy with other life stuff.

So, thanks for visiting and feel free to follow me here and on social media if you want to see more or this nonsense.

You can also get in contact with me here.