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Virtual Wombat Blog

My Five Favourite Video Games

This post contains affiliate links which are marked with a *, this means if you buy something using that link I earn a small commission which helps keep Virtual Wombat running. Twitch streaming got me thinking about what my five favourite games would be. There’s a lot to choose from, I’ve owned just about every […]

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Classic Games: Why I Love Rare Replay

I grew up in what I debatably consider Rare’s heyday. Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Conker and many other games defined gaming for me in the late nineties. Therefore, having only recently acquired an Xbox One, Imagine my joy to find a bundle of thirty Rare classics at my fingertips. Naturally, I bought the Rare Replay¬†collection […]

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Game Making Tools for Kids & Big Kids

If you love gaming like I do, you might have always dreamed about being a master programmer ready to wow the world with your creations. Well, dream no more you game design wizard! These day’s making games don’t have to be a profession. In fact, there are many and varied tools out there that can […]

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