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Weekly Blog: It’s All Coming Together

Greetings humble reader and welcome to my third weekly blog on the run-up to starting university. There’s been plenty of progress made this week in regard to getting back to education. So without further lollygagging let’s get to it!


The Biggest Fan Cartoon

Here’s another little single frame cartoon featuring the biggest Harry Potter fan of them all; The Harry-Potter-Mous! Hedwig looks angry…

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MacBook Pro 13: My Laptop for Uni

As I imagine any shameless tech nerd would agree, having a confirmed place at university meant one thing; buy more tech. It was time to decide on a device to see me through at least the next few years. Small, portable, good battery life and...

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UCAS Personal Statement for Mature Students

The application process for a university course is handled by a charity called UCAS. If you’re applying for higher education in the UK, you’ll be doing it through their online system. Much of that process is straightforward. Add your personal details, add your course choices, simple...

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Nelson’s Booty Cartoon

Nelson the Elephant made one simple mistake, surely any one of us would have done the same thing? Ok – maybe not then. Here’s another cartoon I scribbled at the back end of last year. It’s just a simple single panel one this time but...

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The Bats: A Silly Comic Strip

I’m going to start putting some of my old artwork up online for you lot to enjoy, or otherwise. We’ll start with a short comic strip I put together last year focusing on different kinds of bat. No, it doesn’t make any sense. Sorry, not...

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Where the Hell Have I Been? An Update

It’s been a bloody long time. I thought I’d try and write a concise catch-up post to re-launch Virtual Wombat and describe why I’m picking up blogging again. I’ve been almost entirely absent from social media for months now and to the friends who wondered...

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Gutterhead – Adult Board Game Review

Do you like board games? Are you a fan of Cards Against Humanity but fancy something new, naughty and with a bit of an artistic twist? Then Gutterhead may be right up your street! It’s a hell of a laugh and a great fusion between an...

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Lego City Undercover Review – Nintendo Switch

Lego games have become a staple of the past few console generations. Generally, they’re tied to some sort of intellectual property, like Star Wars or Marvel. This one is a bit different and somehow, it also feels better for it. After a week with the game,...

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What Happened to the 3D Platformer Genre?

If you were a nineties kid and into gaming, it’s virtually a guarantee that you played a 3D platformer. These games were everywhere and often featured characters who became mascots for their respective systems. Mario 64 on the N64, Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation. Where...